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Over 50 years of history

A corner of paradise in the center of Romeo

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Di Rienzo Restaurant

In the beginning was a dairy produce store, selling fresh milk in 1952 on piazza della Rotonda, onlooking the monumental Pantheon.
It was founded by Michele Di Rienzo and his beloved wife Adua.
The venue perfectly pictures the traditional values of those times, honesty towards our customer, quality in every service we offer, the importance of hard work, and last but not least, the continuous presence of the family.
It is in that direction that the work evolves, with the constant help from daughters Cinzia and Tiziana, and later on the younger Gabriele and Marianna, evolving first into a bar, up until its final transformation in the restaurant we behold today, with its elegant interior room and the gorgeous dehors that embraces the square with its terrace

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professionalism and quality at your service

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